The Pi-hole is the ultimate way to filter ads from your entire network! Unlike other methods such as ad-blockers, or Privoxy, Pi-hole requires no client configuration; Just attach it to your network and ads are gone on every device, in every application! Learn how to set it up in 3 easy steps here!

  1. Get yourself a Raspberry Pi, and install the latest Raspian Lite Distro.  After install, connect to ethernet, enable ssh, update/upgrade and change the root password.
  2. On your fresh Pi install, run the command `curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash` to install Pi-hole.  Follow the instructions on the screen, choosing your preferred DNS Settings (`,`) and setting your preferred static IP.  When the install finishes, write down the generated admin password and reboot the pi for good measure.
  3. On your router, replace your current DNS settings with the static IP of your newPi-hole server. Apply the settings and you’re done!!

You can see Pi-hole activity at http://[static-ip]/admin and you can add/remove/update blocked URLs with the generated admin password.

Because the Pi-hole is just a DNS proxy, only traffic on port 53 goes through the Pi, and your network speeds will not be affected; its basically a phone-book with ad-server numbers removed!

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