Installing Pi-hole on the OpenPlotter

Bandwidth is important on your boat, don’t waste it on ads. This is a quick summary of how to install the Pi-hole ad blocker on an OpenPlotter (in wifi+AP Mode).

1. SSH to your OpenPlotter, then install Pi-hole with One-Step Automated Install (

curl -sSL | bash

2. Configure with:

  • Clouflare DNS
  • WLAN1 [ IP Settings:, ]
  • Record the generated password

3. Turn password off for easy access to Pi-hole admin

pihole -a -p

4. Turn off logging to save the SD Card

[Settings > Privacy > No Statistics Mode]

sudo pihole logging off

This will make the statistics page look like its not loading and mark the FTL Service as offline. If you want to see statistics, skip this step and do it later.

5. Comment out line 44 in :



6. Set dnsmasq to auto restart:

sudo update-rc.d dnsmasq enable

7. Reboot, then test by connecting to OpenPlotter Wifi and visiting a site like or

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